Surge Protective Device, SPD (ETS type)

Surge Protective Device, SPD (ETS type)

ETS type surge arresters are low voltage surge arrester named SPD (Surge Protective Device). A SDP is a device that limits transient voltage surges and runs current waves to ground to limit the amplitude of the voltage surge to a safe level for electrical installations and equipment. The SPD includes one or several nonlinear components.

ETS Arresters are designed based on IEC61643-1standard and produced in energy classes of Type I, Type II and Type III with voltage range up to 600 [V].
Type 1 surge arrester is fitted in the installation’s main incoming electrical switchboard and is capable of deviating energy of a direct lightning strike.
Type 2 surge arrester should be used in coordination with the incoming surge arrester. This is the second stage of the protection.
Type 3 surge arrester is installed next to sensitive equipment, in order to provide the best protection level.

Fig.9 SPD Order Code

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