Medium Voltage Polymeric-Housed Surge Arrester (ETM type)

Medium Voltage Polymeric-Housed Surge Arrester (ETM type)

ETM is polymer-housed, medium voltage surge arrester. The design consists of a number of MOV disks which are stacked and mechanically reinforced by fiberglass rods that high quality silicone rubber injected over it to make hermetically sealed housing. The MOV disks have excellent protective characteristics and steady state performance to maximize protection over many years of service. Using silicone rubber housing in ETM type surge arrester, make it highly compatible with very heavy polluted area.

Benefits of ETM Surge Arrester:

  • Excellent sealing system against moisture ingress & partial discharge & deposits of pollution throughout its entire service life.
  • High tracking and erosion resistance housing
  • Self-extinguishing and flame-retardant housing
  • Lightweight design, but excellent torsional, tensile and cantilever strength up to 350 N.m.
  • Resistant to UV , ozone exposure, cleaning agents, organic and non-organic solvents
  • Suitable for a temperature range from –55° C to +60° C
  • Application altitude up to 3600 m a.s.l

Specification of ETM Outdoor Surge Arrester:

  • Maximum rated voltage: 45 [kV]
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage: 36 [kV]
  • Line discharge class: 2
  • Nominal discharge current: 10 [kA]
  • High-current, short duration impulse: 100 [kA]
  • Long duration current impulse: 300 [A]
  • Short circuit current: 20 kA
  • Pedestal or Bracket mounted installation.

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