Indoor, Medium Voltage Surge Arrester (ETI type)

Indoor, Medium Voltage Surge Arrester (ETI type)

ETI is Indoor type medium voltage surge arrester. The design consists of a number of MOV disks which are stacked and mechanically reinforced by fiberglass & epoxy-resin with high quality heat shrink insulator. It is economic solution which is designed for installation inside switchboard in order to protect equipment such as Transformer, Motor, Potential Transformer, Current Transformer, Cable Termination and etc.

Benefits of ETI Surge Arrester:

  • High protection characteristic
  • High mechanical strength
  • Economic design
  • Suitable dimension to use inside switchboard
  • Low weight
  • Fast delivery

Specification of ETI Indoor Surge Arrester:

  • Maximum rated voltage: 45 [kV]
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage: 36 [kV]
  • Line discharge class: 2
  • Nominal discharge current: 10 [kA]
  • High-current, short duration impulse: 100 [kA]
  • Long duration current impulse: 300 [A]
  • Short circuit current: 20 kA

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